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The wordings of my entries were changed by the Filipino people who were taking down my blogs. Whoever is the owner of it i am not the one who copied and pasted it on my web page. The one’s who have changed my wordings will be charged of plagiarism and destruction of intellectual property. They did not respect me as a writer. This triggered me to hate my Filipino heritage the more. They were controlling all of my accounts in the cyberworld which I find disgusting. The leaders of the churches were also involved because they were saying that my poetry is divination like Nostradamus which i find funny for it is my diary since I was 10-11 years old. They were also taking me down using Psychiatry and Parapsychology here in the Philippines pushing that I am deranged even if not. I have deciphered that my writings were in the entertainment industries in the Philippines and USA like MARVEL, NETFLIX, ILLUMINATION, 20TH CENTURY FOX, WALT DISNEY and etc. It is a shame that what is due to me was taken by them. It is my lifework and i will not allow them to benefit from it. The Filipino plagiarists are trying to hinder justice here in the Philippines and it is a shame because they are trying to monopolize the world. Thank you. -ada-