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I did thought that the feeling was gone

Sometimes I look into your pic under the sun

I could not forget your mischievous smile

Whenever we see each other eye to eye


Our souls were meant to be together

In this lifetime to be apart never

Love will always find a way

In order for us not to go astray


Our souls have had already met

Somewhere in the outer space

You and I were already connected

But someone in between keeps us interrupted


Someone is trying her best to be me

Like a butterfly doing mimicry

I find it funny dealing with girls

Who have a lot of insecurities


What have I done to this people

They were like crabs pulling me down using a shackle

I am not yet talking and they were already broken

How much more if I show them the real deal


I am just wondering why they were acting bizarre

It is like that I am a threat to their social life

I am a homebody I don’t need to mingle with everyone

I am better off alone without the clamor of the small minds


Life will be better if you and I will now be together

After 15 years of heartaches and tears

Life is never easy without you even in my memory

I really do not know what is happening to me


The right time has come for us to see each other

You and me will not be only friends but already lovers

The compilation of poetry that is meant for you

Is now ready to be transported in the afterglow