Posted in Love, Poetry


When i’m alone inside my room
I’m always sitting on the floor
I saw your face beside the door
Smiling at me with your cute dimple.
I ask myself, am i alone
Or someone’s waiting behind the door
Saying how are you and are you alright
Are you caring for me and you responded with a smile.
One day one of my friend had told me
That you’re having an affair with somebody
I smiled at her and say i’m okay
But deep inside my heart is broken and bleeding tremendously.
I know that i may see you someday
But maybe my feeling would be so nasty
I don’t even know what to say
I don’t also know if you could understand me.
Whatever others may say about you
I would try to acceprt it even if it hurts
My fantasy is like a bubble that pop out when pricked
And my heart would mourn for the hurt that i have.
I could never tell you that i love you
Coz’ i will be so “cheap” if i’ll do so
I can’t hinder this growing feelings for you
Coz’ i need you to live my whole life through.


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