Posted in Love, Poetry


I thought the memory of you was gone
I thought it was buried underneath for years
But now it rises bright as summer dawns
And i remember you, me and the tears.
For you’re the only one who always taught me
How to tie the strings of love’s perfection
You took my cold hand and showed me the way
Out of a sultry and evil temptation.
You’ve been a bestfriend to me all those years
That i can’t hold back the anguish and tears
Loving with a love that can’t be unfurled
Protecting you from all the pains of the world.
And now i’m hearing you say goodbye
tearfully i raise my brows and look up at the sky
Wishing, praying that someday you will find
Your love pouring over this very heart of mine.
The memories we have may be lacking
But like the sharp poisoned tip of a dart
The very searing pain of this parting
Will forever be buried deep in my heart.
But one thing i want you to know
That for me loving you is letting you go.


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