Posted in Love, Poetry


I am a girl who loves you so
I wish that i could let you know
but this inner-self of mine is too shy
And say i can’t and started to cry.
My dreams are filled with thoughts of you
You’re in my mind the whole day through
But then i got hurt and blue
Each time i find you with someone new.
I’m in heaven whenever you pass by
If i see you with someone i would love to die
Many times i planned to say goodbye
But until now you’re still the one guy.
You’ll be forever in my heart
I love you though we’re worlds apart
All that i know is i wanted to stay
Each time you turn to go i wish that you would stay.
I am a girl who has to pretend
That someday this make-believe will end
I love waiting for me around the bend
Or my broken heart will never be mended.
Will love let me be
Will i be left alone sad and gloomy
And when will you ever see
That i ask the Lord that He will give you to me.


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