Posted in Love, Poetry


The last glance of your image still hangs on my mind
Enduring the pain of your desire to get rid of me
Your loud voice travelled and echoed over my attentive ears
Liar! you said, i’ve been deafened by your voice.
You torn me right then with sharp blades of words
Burning my soul with the hottest kind of fire
You’re a liar! I heard your voice again
Accusing me of something i never done.
My heart search, my spirit look for an answer
What did i do, my self is totally honest
Never in my darkest shadow did i let myself fool you
even God could testify how much i wanted not to hurt you.
You are my life why will i dare myself hurt you
Instead, i’ll do everything for the best of it
I wish you’d never believe in such destructive stories
Because their pleasure lies on seeing us apart.
Condemn me not for I’ve been faithful to you
In silence, i’ll suppress this feeling of loneliness
No matter how much you hated me, i’ll still count on you
In this kind of situation, it’s better to settle it with love.


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