Posted in Love, Poetry


As time goes by i’ve got a feeling deep inside
That i myself cannot understand
The feeling inside that is difficult to be denied
The feeling that i’m trying to hide.
This feeling of mine is so confusing
I’m trying to search for its special meaning
The meaning from love which is so daring
That sometimes lead me to a feeling which is growing.
Maybe this feeling of mine is just for you
Or so to say, it might be you
Someone that i am waiting for so long ago
Someone who would love and care for me too.
It might be you who would love me so
Like what other guys had made me to glow
To be cared for by everybody especially you
Someone who would protect me and love me the way that i do.
Maybe someday i could understand myself
The feeling of confusion that i can’t forget
I might be enlightened by the light from you
And that is why it might be you.


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