Posted in Friendship, Poetry


I have my one and only friend
And he is my ever special friend
I like him as much as i can be
Coz’ he is just a friend to me.
He is my inspiration from the start
That my studies succeeded with a smack
And he is also a part of my life
Coz’ he bring happiness and smiles.
If i’ve seen him, my heart beats faster tab-a-dab
That even at night i’m feeling glad
I make notes and poems about my feelings, about love
Which i can say that i’m a lover in the sight of God.
As time goes by i felt something
That i can’t understand by merely looking
Just like a feeling from heaven
Which make the whole world go round and even.
But one time i felt shy on him
And never uttered any wording
He didn’t smile back at me, staring
So i feel downful for what he did.
This feeling inside can’t be denied
Coz’ this feeling started when we’re still children and friends behind
And now i’m losing my sanity about thi feeling of mine
Which sometimes hurt me unjustified.


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