Posted in Love, Poetry


One dark starry night
I’ve felt this strange feeling inside my heart
And the cold breeze made me remember the memories that had pass
And refreshes again the childhood i once have.
As i look up at the sky
I saw something which tickles my eyes
I’ve seen teh stars reminding me of someone who’s so dear in my life
And the one whom i had loved the stranger in my darkest night.
As I’ve seen this guy
I called him stranger in the night
Coz’ I’d only seen him for a day and
He’ll be gone all the way.
I am always looking up at the sky
And waiting for the stars to spread their shining light
To wait and see some falling stars
To light the dark side of my life.
As the stars fall off from the sky
I’m always wishing to see that stranger in the night
To know him well and show me the light
And keep me out of the darkness where i always hide.


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