Posted in Friendship, New, Poetry


12:56 PM
Everyone has something in mind to pursue
May it be old or considerably new
Dreams that we all aspire in view
Will become a reality if we go .
A need for  financial security in the future
One must honestly try to endure
Anything that goes along the way is for sure
The best lesson to be learned including the failures.
Happiness have different sources
It comes from small and great things in progress
Contentment will surely produce bliss
By living with people at peace.
Follow the desires of our heart
Priorities should be set at large
Lay on the table the playing cards
So that things will be sorted out loud.
Economic struggle do strongly affect
The small people in this universe
There is uneven distribution of wealth
Which make one country to recollect.
Strong desire for possessions may produce conflicts
It is best to live simply and savor the gift of success
Attainment of something is not the measure of victory
But the feeling that it produce which is away from melancholy.

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