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8:33 PM

After the break-up that i’ve had with the guy that i once love
My life had never been the same but then i do thank God
I’m now looking forward to the demonstration of His purpose
For i do believe that this would help me grow in all aspects of life which is worth.
I’ve learned to live a life without him by my side
No commitment involved to the persons i go out with to survive
I just keep on praying that i can endure this in a span of time
To keep myself fit and clean up the grudges inside my stupid mind.
The feelings that i have for him is still there
I still do love him and it’s sure that i bear
He’s been a vital part of my life and i need not dare
To curse him in a way that he will suffer.
I’m trying to teach myself to love again
But it never help me all the efforts in despair
I’ll just wait for the right time that God had set for me
To end up all this nightmare i once had in me.


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