Posted in Love, Poetry


As of the moment, i’m inside the ring of my fantasy
I’ve foreseen you and me with our future family
You and me with our kids in perfect harmony
Living a simple life with God who gives us security.
You’ve sharesd with me your love and filled the emptiness in me
you’ve completed my life and restored my sanity
Before my life tend to sway in the coldness of May
Now my life had experienced the blessing of serenity.
You and me nourish the love that we have in unity
Lift each other up when life seems to be stormy
Solve the problems that come into ourl lives with sincerity
And cherish the memories that we’ll be sharing everyday.
Traves of love fills the air with gladness
The atmosphere therein seems to whisper a cool breeze
Difficulties were easily surpassed with fondness
For the love that we have too strengthen our weaknesses.
When you’re feeling blue i’ll be the one to comfort you
I’ll do everything to help you make it through
I’d try my best to fill-in the emptiness in you
And help you find the reason why you’re feeling blue.
My, i am afraid that you’ll find somebody
Somebody who’d give you the longings that you have for me
If this would happen, i know i’d lose my sanity
For the life that i have tend to depend on the love that you have for me.


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