Posted in Environment, New, Poetry


9:11 PM
The earth is now deteriorating
Due to the activities that is inhumane
Massive pollution caused by everyone
Seem to affect each mother land.
Gargantuan flooding everywhere
Claimed so many innocent lives in despair
Agony is hard to bear
When all is affected by the deadly affair.
Gases emitted in the atmosphere
 Greatly affect the ozone layers
Causes the heavens to pour out acid rains
Which greatly affect the animals and humans.
Climate change is now showing up
Greatly melting the ice caps
Salinity of the water is not easy to tap
Killing the inhabitants in an invisible trap.
The water level in the ocean is rising
Some low lying islands and islets
 Have a tendency to be sinking
Making it unsusceptible for creatures that is living.
Unexplainable temperature alterations
Is now manifesting in every nation
Every living creature is having a hard time
Dealing with the test of time.

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