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9:39 PM
Overflowing blessing from above
Make me feel so glad
Never expected that God
Is always there by my side.
Sometimes negative feelings do exist
I thank God that He gave it a twist
I do feel that i’m truly blessed
Because of the wonders that i can contest.
Prayers do sustain me all my life
Burdens that i have tend to disappear in the night
Bliss always make me live life light
Trusting in God lead me to the path which is right.
Following Him is not that easy
Imperfections of mine seem to surface daily
Humbling myself to Him helps me feel free
Living with contentment keeps me away from misery.
Can of worms in my life seem to make me stronger
Quality of life feels like so much better
Aspirations that i have tend to manifest in the future
With God on my side i can ask some favor.
Yes, No and Maybe is His answer
To every prayer that i share
All for the goodness of me
I never questioned His way.
I have plans for the betterment of my circle
Hoping that it is in line with God’s fervor
Asking God for my health to be restored
In order for me to function well in the near future.
Family and friends that support me
I give thanks for being a blessing everyday
My source of strength in any way
Unconditional love that oversee my sanity.

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