Posted in Love, Poetry


In a relationship, a lot of unavoidable circumstances may appear
It may be happy or sad and give us the sense of wonder
Sometimes it may seem to be difficult to bear
And it triggers the ceaseless flow of tears.
We’ve been through a lot of pains and fears
We broke up due to my careless decision and fear
Fear of ruining the bond that fasten two families, dear to me
The wreck would bring me to unbearable misery.
Now we’re back in each others arms
Free from the pains that leave a mess into our lives
We’ve patched the gap that have existed between us
And tried to recover and nurture our endless love.
At this point in time, I’m already yours my sweetheart
I assure you that we’ll never be, once more be apart
I swear to God with all my heart
That i would never allow anyone to give you reason to depart.
I wanted you to know that I’m willing to give my life to you
I’ll always stay with you until the time is through
I’ll be there to support you in all that you’ll do
And be there to fill in the emptiness within you.
Baby, whatever happens, i’ll make sure that I’ll be faithful
You’ll be the only one that I’ll adore
Someone whom I’ll give my all
I’ll be there to catch you when you fall.


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