Posted in Love, Poetry


Listen to each others rhythm
you’ll not always hear the same beat
There will be times you’ll move together
and times you both will retreat.
Listen to each others season
and expect some occassional storm
Always remember that spring will return
and your hearts will again be warm.
Listen to each others words
a response may not be inorder
Know what the other may need
is just a caring shoulder.
Listen to each others needs
to be and do who you are
Allow each other just enough space
and the other won’t go far.
Listen to each others clock
when another’s day is all askew
It is then that your other
will need a hand from you.
But most of all let laughter in
you’re here for such a short while
So when companionship is all that’s left
you’ll both look back with a smile.
It is then that you know
that it is love.


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