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10:45 AM
Friendship do started from our childhood years
Been through a lot of bumpy details
Hard as it may seem we’ve managed to share the tears
Uplifting each other up for so many years.
One pillar of strength and wisdom
A maturity that is different from anyone
Understanding that is meant for someone
Is always present in this woman.
An inevitable situation had happened
Which resulted us to lost track of each other
I so feel the terrible despair
But i could do nothing to save the communication line.
I believe that she understands
What the reason is behind
It is just that i truly miss
Her presence and simpleness.
Always reminiscing the good old days
And the bad times that gives us courage
Having a sister in Christ is is a blessing
Which always keep us growing.
Friends do come and some may go
Yet their presence seem eternally new
Memories may last forever
Yet their absence makes the heart grow fonder.
We now both have a family to attend to
Yet i’m still longing to see her in the future
The emptiness that she’d left is unfathomable
Giving me a hard time to hold onto.

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