Posted in Love, Poetry


There’s a question bothering my mind
And the answer can’t readily be found
I used to ask myself how come that i can’t understand
This feeling inside that i’m trying to hide.
How did it happen that my heart started to bewild
I felt something strange that i couldn’t describe
Who can tell me the essence to survive
This bewilderment of my heart which affect my poor mind.
How did it happen that i’m attracted to a guy
Even if i didn’t see him as often as i want
What’s the reality of all these things coz’ i’m tired
Of asking myself and the people behind.
How did it come up that i’m trapped
In the prison of my heartbeat and love
It’s so difficult to scan my mind
Coz’ nothing is in there that could give me peace of mind.
Why is it that two persons have this feeling towards each other
How did it happen that they have a mutual understanding
Is it really a call of nature or a mystery that can’t be cleared
For they just cross their paths and woke up one morning with love in their hearts.
Love can’t be expressed in words or letters
Can’t be given meaning or even its essence
It just happened that love seems to appear
In the earts of men when the right time is there.
How did it happened in this whole wide world
That lovers find each other with many people around
Is there something within them that lift them up from the crowd
That they’ve shared a blooming feeling like a tulip on the ground.


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