Posted in Love, Poetry


We were just once ordinary pals
Only in school where we had some fun
We treated each other as if there was a gap
But time had come that we made things up.
And as we’ve shared more years together
A spirit of brotherhood seem to grow deeper
A certain chemistry seem to make the bond stronger
As if no walls can ever come in between.
They’re all afraid that serious gang might be born
But there’s nothing to worry for none of us is stubborn
We are just trying to make life easy and enjoyable
And make every memory precious and unforgettable.
With only a little money everybody is happy
The group will be in quorum and have a party
We eat well and jam with each other to be merry
For life in here is a beginning of true maturity.
The happiness of one is of everybody
We became best of friends or buddy
Only time can tell if our friendship is to be treasured
But because we are one heart, shield the bond and need not worry.


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