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I’ve hurt you deeply and without uncertainty
I never realize your importance to my life daily
Until such time when you’ve given your way
And i’m left out in my self made tragedy.
I prayed to GHod to give you strength
Strength to hold on to the love that we have
I know that God wouldn’t fail my prayers laid at hand
Coz’ He knows how much i love you my precious lad.
Thank you for the patience and understanding
I know that I owe you a lot my beloved one
I couldn”t repay you for the goodness that you’ve shown
All i can do is love you, all alone.
Thank you for spending your precious time with me
And for the colorful memories
You’ve brought me to the pedestal of bliss
And shape my life to show its sense.
Thank you for lifting me up when life seems flat
For cheering me up when my face draw s frown
Thank you for loving me with all your heart
Ansd for being kind to me and you’re a special part of my life.


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