Posted in Love, Poetry


Tonight as i lay my head on the feathery pillow
I tend to stare at the sky and feel the cold wind blow
Chills run through my nerves and goose flesh show
And it all reminded me of you.
I remember how you’d wrap me inside your arms
The way your lips brushes against mine
How your caresses tickles me with your charms
How it brought sensations to my cold and trembling hands.
The way your glances plunge to my soul
I see the love and care that you’re trying to restore
I could feel the security in your endeavor
And the essence of love’s pleasure.
It helped me reminisce how we made love for the first time
How we’ve made our body and souls entwined
This remarkable thing had happened with a purpose in mind
To let each other feel the love and show the trust that we have at hand.
A lot of memories tend to flow out of my mind tonight
The stars twinkle and spread out its light
Just like you my precious knight
Who have showered me with love and evil out of my sight.
I would never trade you for anyone else
You mean a lot to me and i’ll be loving you for the coming years
I’ll stay with you, support and help you overcome your fears
I would always assure you that i’m all yours forever my beloved prince.


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