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8:20 PM

A broken-hearted gal no one by her side
A very distinct pain she’d undergone behind
She could feel that nobody tried to understand
The grumbling emotion that she had in her mind.
She don’t have peace of mind the misery she can’t stand
Why is it that a burden, heavy load rested on my shoulder so damned
What have i done to deserve this kind of scam
It is so unfair why i have experienced this one.
The gal tend to gave up and tried to take her own life
To end up all the mess that seems to bother and disturb her poor mind
She’d cursed some people due to the hatred that she had
But it seems that it made the situation a complicated one.
Oh Lord, my God, help this lad that is longing for peace of mind
She’s suffering from a lot of pains that her boyfriend had made with a thud
She may be tired now and please do open up her mind
And let her accept reality and the purpose that you have.
In you alone all her burdens she can cast
In you alone all things can never be a trash
Everything is possible with you my precious God
And all of these problems may be a call wherein i need to respond.
Prayers, the most powerful weapon against all evil things and circumstances
The word of the Lord is the reason why i exist
I just need to follow His will for me to obey Him first
And live a peaceful life with abundance of His blessings.
The hand of God always extends towards me
Waiting for me to hold on to it firmly
It may be hard but i do believe that i can make it wholeheartedly
For his healing touch would eradicate all my miseries.


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