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7:08 PM
I could never understand
Why attention i usually demand
To satiate and fill the gaps
Of the growing relationship.
All the girls maybe
Have the same kind of anxiety
Don’t want the time to flee
Not to lose the guarantee.
Time flies so fast
So many left unsaid in the past
Honesty needs a grasp
In order for us to last.
Career and family affair
Needs a lot of time to prepare
Equilibrium is in need in nature
In order for both to acquire  great favor.
There is a need to avoid serious mess
To conserve time and devoid shalowness
Abysmal understanding and feathery caress
Could strengthen the bond that slowly move in progress.
There is a need to cherish every moment spent
Everything that happened is meant
There is no room for regret
As long as both try to evaluate.

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