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There are times when paranoia tend to scramble my mind
I could never control this difficulty, it’s one of a kind
Sometimes i wanted to scream aloud
Due to the senseless things that i have in mind.
I’m afraid to lose you my dear
Misery for me would be hard to bear
I don’t know what my life would be when you’ll not be here
Maybe i’ll lose may sanity coz’ of this fear.
I’ve trusted you with all my heart and soul
But why is it that something is ruining my goal
I sometimes think, you’ll look for someone whose much beautiful
And leave me alone like a fool.
I don’t understand why I’m feeling this way
It’s like you’re my life and you restore my dignity
My all depends on your sense of responsibility
That’s why i’m afraid that you would dump me.
I’d rather love the comfort that this world could give
Than losing you my dear boyfriend
Sometimes i’m trying to pretend
That i’m just fine though my heart bled.


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