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The sun rises in the morning
And sets in the evening
What’s in these things
That keeps on happening.
The water flows from streams to ocean
And there live many crustaceans
Living things like animals and plants
Found in the surface and bottoms of the waters.
The fishes swim in the waters
The birds fly in the air
While men walks on the ground
And some animals that surround.
Why do plants grow
And have flowers to show
What makes them all bloom
When summer comes and the sun had shown.
What’s the reason behind the rain
As it falls from heaven
Water falls with a rhythm
On the roof tops it is dancing.
During the night the moon and the starts shine so bright
In the morning it’s nowhere in sight
Stars can form images to find
Like the constellation in the heaven’s above.
Where does the air come from
It brings life to everyone
It makes the trees and grasses to dance
In the rhythm of its whispering tongue.
In the universe the center is the sun
The revolving planets have paths to go around
Why is it in order and stay where they are
Never colliding with each other like pellets of a toy gun.
How do babies got their lives
As they grow inside the womb
They were born out in this world
Like a miracle from God.
Isn’t it a wonder that all the things we have
Exist in this world and questions follow behind
I know all of these came from a creative hand
And that is God Who gave us life.


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