Posted in Love, Poetry


Before I’ve lost my hope in you
Coz’ i’ve known that you have someone new
What is in her that i don’t have
I thought she is a mysterious lad.
I’ve cried a lot coz’ it hurts me so
Your love i want but how will i know
That you love me not the girl in view
Coz’ i’m trying to give up wiht this fellow.
I’m affected for how many years
I’ve carried the burden of fooling myself
Like diverting my feeling to someone who is courting
And played as a blind girl without moving.
As years go by i’ve tried by forgetting
But it never worked for me, i’m still hurting
My mind and soul had stop breathing
And only you is the cause of such pains.
As i’ve known that you love me too
My life have become anew
The hurts inside and saddest blow
Has gone out of my being, thank you.


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