Posted in Love, Poetry


I may never let you know how much you mean to me
But deep inside my heart you’re my precious jewelry
You’re more valuable than gems on fine jewels
You’ve captured me with your pure love and faithfulness.
If i could only do such things to let you know how i feel
I’d do it all for you and that is real
I am asking you to give me much time to show how much i feel
And bear the love that i have to share.
All i know is i need you until my life is over
I wanted you to be always there
Through the ups and downs of my life all year
I do hope that you’d bear.
I am willing to do anything for you
And i would never let you go
I’ll amke sure to always boost your ego
To have our love a free flow.
I’d fight for this love that i have for you
I’d never allow someone to ruin us in the meadow
If it would take my life, i would do so
Coz’ i don’t wanted to see you go.


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