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7:05 PM
Today i have come to realize that i have  a bit of addiction to blogging. I can’t help myself but sit in front of the laptop and blog all day. The ideas are flowing and i was having a hard time controlling my fingers not to encode it. I was stagnant on the blogosphere for a year because i have to take good care of our sweet baby but now that she is a toddler she has a world of her own and i’m online again, back to writing, one of my passion.
As of the moment my lappy (laptop) is my closest friend because it knows everything about me through the flow of my emotions. We have a connection, we both have brains that is needed in order for my ideas to come alive. I am thankful that due to the advent of technology, gadgets are now accessible to anyone. Before i was using a typewriter just to make a document of my thoughts. It’s hard work but now everything is possible with ease in the web.
Composing poems is one of my forte as well as sharing my two cents on certain topics. Everything that i write is based on my experience and sometimes observations on what is happening around my little world.
The gush of ideas is hard to control that is why i need to put it into writing if not my brain is going to explode. I need to express everything into a formulation with creativeness in order for it to be readable enough to cater most of the readers. It is funny but i have this passion wayback in my elementary years together with putting melodies on my poems using the piano/keyboard for a crush before. I am thankful for this wonderful gift.
I am looking forward to the time that i will be able to put melodies to most of my poems and share it to everyone who is willing to listen. All that i needed is time to do this. I hope that someday i can achieve this simple wish that i have.The songs will tell the story of my life.

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