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Loving is not all about happiness and success but of failure and mess. In this chaotic universe, lovers must strive to get hold of their relationships. In order to survive, both needs to sacrifice a lot of things and review each of their priorities.
In this day and age, it is hard to preserve a long and lasting connection between companions. Temptations seem to prowl like a lion in the wilderness. All that is needed is trust and openness in order for the problems to be resolved. Hard as it may be but that is one secret that other people have shared. Whenever problem arises each one must know where they stand, talk things over and lay down the cards. There is no better gesture than this wherein clarifications will be granted access.
Happiness is a way of life, it is not something that you need to achieve. Contentment set in this manner. Love for material things should be let go. One can find satisfaction in small things and feel elated when material things will be showered as a blessing. Having a thankful heart is also a big help in nurturing a blooming friendship. The presence of one another could already help one experience bliss.
Different people have contrasting ways. If one partner is down the other must be high in spirit so that there is equilibrium. Supporting each other is a must to maintain the status quo. When adversities happen being there for each other is already a big benefit. Trudging the bumpy road hand in hand will ease the burden. Most of all, God’s presence must always be acknowledged.
In the first few years of an affair, couples tend to set priorities but these things seem to change in time. From selfish ambitions to selfless one. Particularly when marriage and child is already involved. Dreams and aspirations would sometimes be given up for the sake of keeping the union work and the child to be taken cared of. It is difficult but one must got to choose weighting things over and over again to make a final decision that would affect the story of a lifetime.
To sum things up, a lasting kind of love could be encountered by anyone as long as the choices are made based on the decisions of both parties. Regret would never interfere as long as God is there at the center of both worlds.

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