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8:50 PM
My life had been shattered from the past
Can’t find the medicine for my bleeding heart
Until you came along i have learned to trust
The whole of my being to someone atlast.
My cup is empty so i explore the world
Looking for answers to my questions in prayers
Asking for guidance to lead me to someone
Whom i can spend the rest of my life.
My dear husband, my companion and friend
Someone whom i can totally depend
Living a life with you is not the end
But a beginning of an adventure in the bend.
You are the missing part of me
Whom God had finally given freely
Always holding my hand with dignity
Showing that love is for eternity.
Life for you and me is not that easy
We’ve been through a lot but we’ve survived in perfect harmony
Lessons learned adding life to our chemistry
Opening our eyes to the so-called reality.

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