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8:26 PM
The bond between two lovers could be strengthened by the sand papers that seem to rub them as time goes by. 
Today, we are celebrating our 151st monthsary of being together. I feel so blessed to have a partner as sensitive and understanding as my hubby. I could never ask for more, maybe it pays that we have a 5 year age gap. He was able to read my mind and gestures most of the time. 
As the years go by, we’ve been to a lot of test in our relationship yet we are able to patch things up with the help of some concerned people in our lives. What we’ve been through  seem to give us lessons that we would ponder forever. Together we’ve shared the joy and pain that life had offered us.
Our bundle of joy gave us the determination to make the most of our life together. She brought meaning to our union. Now that we are planning to have another baby to be born on 2015 seem to open our eyes to a lot of possibilities and responsibility. 
In this day and age, couple tend to separate in the early stage of their relationship. What i have learned in our almost 13 years of togetherness is to settle each others differences with a humble heart to accept the mistakes that has been done and a forgiving state of mind in order to preserve the companionship. Investing in an emotional attachment is not easy, it takes both partner to make the affair work.

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