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11:12 PM
Our society dictates on what the definition of beautiful is
Usually images of models do go first
It is hard to conform to all the beliefs
When one is a victim of an unavoidable illness.
I suffer from weight gain because of a sickness
Only a few knows and it sometimes hurt
When people misjudge me that i’m not taking good care of myself
Because of the bulges that seem to progress.
They have all the right to say what they want
I am just hoping that they would broaden their minds
Not all fat women wanted to be one
It so happened that a few remedies can be done.
What other people say do sometimes affect me
Especially when they say that hubby will look for somebody
Which is much of a beauty compared to me
Does it mean that obesity can destroy marriages nowadays.
I am just thankful that i was able to accept the reality
That i am not alone suffering from this self indignity
I would rather focus on the positive side of life
Rather than contemplating on the depressing matters in my mind.

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