Posted in Life, New, Poetry


9:13 PM
Success is such a vague word
Opinions seem to clash in this world
People’s belief is sometimes misunderstood
Stirring the emotions into a pool of discord.
Others did question my stand
Why did i focus my attention to my child
Preferred to be a stay at home mom
And play around with life’s humdrum.
I find satisfaction in what i do
Throwing the negativity out of the window
If some people could not fit into my shoe
I would rather stay away from their somber shadow.
Is being victorious only found in the workplace
I cannot seem to understand their judgmental prowess
If living a comfortable life is all that matters
Then i would rather concentrate on my family’s affair.
Time lost could never be replaced
I would instead spend my life rearing my only child
If people could not understand my stand
I would still continue doing things as planned.

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