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2:14 PM
A long time ago your cruelty
May have caused me misery
The impudence that you breath
Seems to bring untimely death.
You are soaring high
Without knowing
That your wings
Are infantile.
Showing incredible dominance
To everyone that surround
Never taking into consideration
The feelings of each person that abound.
You tend to meddle in every situation
It is as if that your life is free of imperfection
Your boastful ego always stir one’s emotion
Pushing your wants into the life of each generation.
Now the time has come
Your obvious calvary is not a sham
The abyss of your filthy soul
Is swallowing the very heart of your mind.
You may have been punished
For all of your offenses
Your make believe circumstances
Have drowned you into the river of unfortunate events.
Having a hard time breathing
You are suffocating
From the smoke brought about
By your unrelenting stunts.
Reality may have bitten you
You may now have a bleeding ego
Those whom you have oppressed
Have been earnestly blessed.

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