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9:41 AM
Always comparing yourself to somebody
Will do you no good
An absurd mentality
Will make one self-absorbed.
Ability to appreciate life
Will be hindered
By the selfishness 
That one possess.
Why not be happy
For people that you admire
Instead of always grumbling
For what’s in them that you desire.
Strive harder and learn
To appreciate what you have
Not everyone can possess
What their heart desires.
Try to be yourself
Not a copycat
It will free you
From bitterness and self-doubt.
Over competitiveness
May sometimes do more harm
To fancy of ending
The good fortune of someone.
Hatred do abound
In the hearts of the proud
Challenges to destroy
What other people enjoy.
A destructive emotion 
That impedes personal bliss
Bringing social harm
Lust for bad to come to others.
Contentment is the key
To fulfillment
Everyone is unique
Free oneself of resentment.

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