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10:58 PM
Life has its twists and turns
Been through a lot of turmoil
Difficulties had been surpassed
Time had made it all pass.
Strength in me had been developed
Exposed in the fiery furnace of truth
Building a character that benefits me
Silence seem to work to preserve my sanity.
People who really knows me need no any explanation
Those who pretend to be all-knowing seem to feel life’s tribulation
I find it funny and annoying in some situations
I am just a person who sometimes can’t beat the irritation.
I am not perfect
But i know what is good for myself
In this world full of misfits
I did seek a professional help.
Positive outlook i honestly have
Thank you to the people who have helped me survive
The support that you gave me seem to help me understand
The oddity of life seem to open my mind.
Whatever problems that i may encounter
I am always ready to bear the shudder
Persuasiveness from God, i am always thankful
He is always by my side when difficulty occur.

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