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4:04 PM
Having a hard time understanding
This icky and indescribable feeling
Hoping that it won’t last
Because its been affecting my gut.
Irritability just showed up from nowhere
Before i don’t seem to really care
Time had been much of a pressure
For me to question our behavior.
Hubby is most of the time engrossed with his job
It is his means in order for us to survive
I’m seeking for a special attention sometimes
Especially when my hormones disrupt.
Quality time he always try to give us
But me and my fickle mind seem to ask
For a couple time, this is what i miss
Only the two of us would mean me pure bliss.
Funny yet true, there are times that i feel blue
An attention-seeker wife is seeking refuge from her pillow
Sleeping would reboot my well-being
Making me feel good upon waking.
Maybe this is due to my hormones disruption
Secondary to the last day of my menstruation
Mood swing in various proportion
Keep stirring my vulnerable emotion.

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