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9:32 PM
Union between two lovers
Starting anew the road to traverse
Husband and wife as what they be called
Starting a story to be told.
In this day and age
A lot of issue do affect such marriage
It doesn’t ensure total bliss
Have a lot of hurdle in its midst.
A lot of couple separates
The ceremony does not guarantee success
Some had given up, misery in place
Due to their unsettled individual differences.
In our society as i have observed
Temptation do thrive especially for men
Women must learn to do the trick
In order for their man to stick.
In reality every team is vulnerable
Each one need to gain a favor
Complementing each others behavior
Will help one another to be compatible.
Both must appreciate the small things
That one shows even just the mere presence
Contentment will always bring happiness
The heart will always ooze with gladness.
Complete understanding never fail
To patch things up whenever one feels frail
Lifting each other up when the spirit derail
Entrusting all else to God, the judge who is fair.

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