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10:42 AM
Negativity does surround me everyday
Especially those people who have nothing good to say
Yet despite the tragedy
I am thankful for the strength that help me ignore the melancholy
I am imperfect so are they
Yet they always see themselves as superior
Acting like a god who knows it all
Having the right to strike one with awful words
If they find satisfaction in doing such things
Let them be
For sadness will overcome them
If they can’t ruin the life of their prey
Poor creatures
Blinded by the acrimony in their being
Could not find solace in themselves
By not harming somebody else
I am trying to live a peaceful life
I have had survived for the longest time
I don’t need to conform to the lifestyle of those around
Being me and doing the things that make me happy will keep me away from misery
Life may not be easy all the time
But i am willing to dance in the rain with my man
Problems we have had surpassed in the past
Does only mean that we always can

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