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10:11 AM
Grateful for the can of worms
Molding one to bear the thorns
Giving me a brute force
To luxuriate in life favors.
Euphoria brought about by minute details
Seem to dress me with contentment
Bathing in the overflowing blessing
From the master that is forgiving.
Love became an inspiration
To put the negative vibes in oblivion
Always thinking of happy thoughts
Becomes the elixir, the fountain of youth.
Some people would lead you to despair
Trying not to cast their care
Wagging their tongues to no avail
Barking like a dog in thin air.
Ridiculous as it may be
Wasting their time to a nobody
Trying to bring such misery
That never did surprise me.
Thankful for the grace of God
He always carry me in His hand
Life would never be this light
If not for Him who holds me tight.


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