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4:38 PM
Life’s road may sometimes be rough
The battle that i’m into is also that tough
Darkness have had surrounded my being
Yet i never lose the courage to see the other perspective of things.
Malady may have caused me to struggle
Injury had been added by some mean people
Elixirs’ availability
Did help me a lot to achieve victory.
The thin ray of hope
Never did leave my side
Always shining to make me realize
That life is not all about what the society dictates.
Soon a life-changing experience will happen
I am looking forward to what it will bring
The thought of it do send chills to my spines
My brain is telling my senses to be calm.
In this world a lot of possibilities do exist
I am lifting to God all my worries and fears
He knows my plans and the reasons in between
I am claiming that everything will set in.

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