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9:35 PM
We’ve been together for almost 14 years
Despite the struggles and flowing tears
You did set me free from my fears and insecurities
Always holding my hand in facing life’s unpredictable journey.
Now that love month is here
Awareness to me is crystal clear
I need to set a date for two
To spend a memorable night with you.
A painting session at sip and gogh
Will be the best option for me and you
I am hoping that we could get a slot
 In order for us to make a simple work of art.
You have the gift of an artist hand
Played with paints and other mediums
And me, a frustrated painter
Who loves to write poems on the other hand.
I wanted us to explore again your passion
I know that stress have had taken its toll on you
I am hoping to help relieve such burden
To unload your brain of some unimportant informations.
I love you, that is why i wanted to help you de-stress
Even just in my own simple ways
You can have a kiss of peace
And wake-up refreshed.

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