Posted in Life, New, Poetry


1:08 PM
A magical place
For those who wish
To paint like a pro
But the truth, it’s their first.
Someone like me
Who appreciate art
Yet don’t have the courage
And knowledge to start.
I did tried
And it did work
I can’t believe 
That it is worth.
Thank you for
The people behind
This artists haven
That we’ve found.
For the staff
And their patience
I salute you
For the guidance.
The sleeping painter in me
Had been awakened
There is a strong desire for continuity
Looking forward to be back and explore my fancy.
Hubby did enjoyed the session
Brought him there to de-stress and clear his emotions
It is some kind of detoxification
Wherein negativity is taken out of his system.
It is some kind of a pre-valentine date
Without the hassle of dealing with the swarming people who celebrate
It is not the usual thing
Yet it brings happiness and fulfillment of a dream.

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