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9:53 PM
People may sometimes intentionally induce harm
Piercing your soul with their venomous tongue
They will grind your brittle bones
Testing one’s delicate resilience.
Selective deafness does work for me
Staying away from the negativity
Shutting down my emotionality
Keep me off from misery.
I have learned not to care
On what other people will say
I would rather do some things
That will keep me busy and happy.
I wonder what their rationale is
In doing such horrible things
Could it be bitterness
Or just a matter of inferiority complex.
I don’t compete with anybody else
I know my priorities
I am just doing what is best
For my loved ones whose support never cease.
Judgemental people do roam around
They will try to pull you down on the ground
If ever they release their beast
Make sure that you have the kindest smile drawn on your face.
Explanation, i don’t owe anyone
Especially to those people who pretend to know me all along
If you don’t know the real story
Better shut your mouth and assess your credibility.


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