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7:49 AM
It’s been awhile
since we’ve gone to church.
To worship God
and listen to His word.
I am thankful 
that it is our child,
who initiated the conversation
for us to get closer in His hand.
God really do work
in mysterious ways.
Through my child 
my desire to worship Him was granted.
I was astonished 
when i’ve heard it.
She was eager too,
the good news to hear.
I do believe 
that this is a fresh start.
For us to renew
our relationship with God.
I’ve been confused 
for quite some time –
Now i’ve been led
into His loving arms.
I do hope
that the right time will come.
The three of us together
will share the same faith as one.
Jean will be the instrument
that God can use.
To soften her daddy’s heart
and share to Him the good news.
We are not rich
but i feel blessed.
Our needs were provided
and sometimes wants to go with.
I’ve gone astray
yet He still welcomed me.
Got disappointed 
but He still rescued me.
God is God
Nothing can change that.
Whatever circumstances i’ve had
I am glad that it happened.
I’ve had battles 
that some didn’t know.
It did work for the good of me
realizing that life is nothing without You.

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