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5:46 PM
There are times when i am being swayed
The struggles effect is sometimes grave
It brought me to my knees in several instances
But I am still standing despite the flowing tears.
I do believe that i was brought into this world
With a great purpose
I may never knew it yet
Time will reveal it .
I wanted to become an inspiration
To the people who have disabilities just like mine
Hoping to become successful in my chosen field
Serving the people in the healthcare system.
I thought that life was already useless after the diagnosis
But i was wrong for i am truly blessed
The supportive people around me had given me the strength
To win the battle that seem so impossible.
I was confused
My faith was shaken
I detach myself from religions
And the people in my surroundings.
I was lost for quite some time
Wandering in the wilderness inside my mind
Felt hopeless for so many times
But i am still breathing under the turbulent sky.
I will never quit as long as i am alive
There’s no harm in trying for several times
I do believe that something good is in store for me
All i have to do is work for it and stay away from negativity.
Goals in life i believe that i can reach
Trust in God, work hard and be patient
A reminder to myself whenever i falter
Finishing the race is all that matters.


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