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Fear did enveloped my being
For years i’ve never detached myself from the Source
Confusion seems to stir my mind
Never knowing what to do when my senses come alive.
The pill may have done its job
Suppressing the visions and the sensitivity of its kind
For years i’ve learned to deny the fact
That i have this so-called gift from the start.
Things may be hard to explain sometimes
I even consider it as a bit odd
But i suddenly realize that i am not the only one
Who have the taste of such situation.
I am thankful for these people who did understand
And know exactly what i am feeling inside
For the ears that willingly absorbed my stories
Your precious time spent with me is a blessing indeed.
This friend who have opened my eyes to see reality again
Did a great job in reminding me of who i really am
In fact the burden on my shoulders she had lifted
Allowing me to break free from the agony and its bondage.
Now i’m trying to rearrange my life
One step at a time
I’ve experienced again the calmness
That for years i have missed.

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