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7:10 AM
In the eyes of a child
We can see genuine happiness
Because of their innocence
Life is never meaningless.
Time pass so fast
They do grow up with a blast
Simple joys should be tolerated
For they make memories of their childhood.
She does love Christmas
It’s the best time of  the year
She made a request to dress up our house
To feel the holiday cheer.
By August of this year
Our house already exude with flare
Our tree is already up 
The decorations are already in place.
It lightened up her face
The Christmas vibe is now in the air
Excitement did envelope her being
Looking forward for a present that she’s longing.
A male cat is all that she wanted
She’s planning to name him Felix
She did compromise not to buy any toy
So that she can have a pet to enjoy.

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