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9:58 PM
Why is it that I’ve never felt any pain for years now
Does it mean that my heart have had hardened already
Can’t even feel any envy or misery
Am I numbed or just too focused on doing this wifey duty.
I need to reassess myself why i am feeling this way
Because i have observed that the weather seems to depend on my mood swings everyday
I believe that I need to do something to make things right
Got to balance the ego and the id so that equilibrium will be achieved.
Mother Earth needs to shed her tears
To heal the gaps on the floor of the universe
A lot of people were suffering right now
Because of the drought that left us all out.
She needs to inhale the mist from the sea
In order to feed the seed of misery
As it build up it will fill the cup
Pouring from the heaven’s into the river of light.
As the water moistened the crust of the earth
It started to breath life
Prepared the seed to show its leaves
To end the hunger that the world has.


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