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8:58 PM
In this life that most people compete
Some will try to drag you down for their own benefit
Malicious words will spread its wings
Making sure that you stumble and freeze.
I have become insensitive
To what other people will say
I have learned to live my life
And enjoy the blessings that it brought me.
Others did belittle and humiliate my being
I did let it go and forget everything
I would rather focus unto what is pleasing
In the eyes of God and not of man.
I am imperfect
Struggling to survive in this world
In which judgment is not fair at times
But it is up to me to handle the unkind.
I can and i will strive to keep the bliss inside my heart
Never to allow darkness to swallow my precious life
God is always their to tame my ego and pride
Family and friends presence is enough to cleanse my mind.

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