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2:00 PM


Life may present hardships along the way

Tears may have fallen from my eyes due to misery

Hoping that it will clear out the bits of agony

That bring out numbness and achiness to my body.


Some people may have belittled me

Trampled my sense of sanity

Imposing their will into my weary brain

By trying to manipulate my whole being.


I’ve been through a lot already

I will not allow anyone to drag me again into the pit of melancholy
Nitpickers do stay away from me
I wanted to live a peaceful life without bothering anybody.

Do mind your own life

Stop being a perfectionist for you are not perfect anyway
If your life is messier than mine
You better stop talking and correct your irrational brain.

I always do what is best for me and my family

I don’t bother myself in pleasing the people around me
True friends and relatives do understand my insanity
I am thankful for their unconditional love and support throughout my journey.

Another adventure is unfolding

Thank you Lord for the blessing
Hoping that all will be well
This is for the people that i care.

I know that the road will not be easy

But i believe that i can do it with the support of the people who loves me
Despite the presence of the people who despise  me
I will not falter allowing nothing to disturb the inner peace that i have along the way.



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